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HOTGAS Defrosting System - More power, less energi

Reduce the defrosting period from approx. 25 to only 5 minutes with Lillnord's new, patented defrosting system
HOTGAS Defrosting System - More power, less energi

IBA prisvinder 2010.....

The quality of the pre-cooling and freezing process of dough products is generally determined by the conditions controlling the transmission of heat from the dough pieces to the evaporator surface - both during the freezing as well as in the subsequent storage phase. In order to optimize this precise quality Lillnord has invented a new evaporator system with the environmentally sound HOTGAS-defrosting-system and a new and equally innovative ventilation system

In connection with defrosting of evaporators the HOTGAS system is environmentally sound and by far the most efficient system in comparison to traditional, electrical defrost systems. With the HOTGAS system the condensation heat of the compressor itself is used as medium for the defrosting of the refrigeration pipes within the evaporator, which means that the evaporator is ice-free within 4 to 5 minutes. In the traditional electrical defrost, heating systems the individual heating elements are placed centrally within the fins of the cooling surface and this fact results in a slow and uneven spread of the defrost heat. In order to obtain the same defrosting temperature on the entire cooling surface and an ice-free evaporator the defrosting time needs to be 7 to 8 times longer. Furthermore, in consequence of the longer defrosting time a greater heat leak follows, and this heat the compressor also has to eliminate.
Energy savings of approx. 80% is a fact with the HOTGAS system as compared with the traditional defrosting systems.
Further for the installation of a HOTGAS-system with SupraCooler no double-line piping is required, only a 3-way valve. The traditional systems require double-line piping and a thermo-valve for the condenser.
Finally, there is a risk with the traditional systems that the compressor is not sufficiently cooled and hence more easily damaged. In short: the traditional systems are very complex and consequently the installation costs are substantially higher.


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