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Lillnord won the IBA Trophy 2009 for energy efficiency

and secures the absolute lowest running expenses for your dough controller
Lillnord won the IBA Trophy 2009 for energy efficiency
Trade journal BackMedia gives out 13 innovation IBA-Trophys 
At IBA2009 the reputed German trade journal and publishing company for the 4th consecutive time gave out the esteemed prize in 13 different categories to 13 suppliers / producers to the baking trade world-wide. The celebration took place on the German bakers union's stand, a fact that mirrors the extent of prestige that surrounds the IBA-prizes in Germany.

The jury headed by chairman Herman Kleinemann, chief editor at BackMedia, consists of 6 persons, whose professional insight into and knowledge of the baking trade lends further weight to the prizes. Projects are handed in well in advance of the exhibition to undergo scrutinization and tests and the 13 category winners are not found before the day of the celebration, where the jury has been able to vies and judge the projects on the exhibitation. Lillnord also won a innovation prize in 2000 for its explotation of the PID-heat/humidity regulation system.

Managing director Ulrich Gasbjerg, with on his left Herman Kleinemeier and on his right Peter Becker, president of the German bakers' union. The winners from Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland and Denmark all lined up
together with the jury
Lillnord pricewinner with the new HotGas-system in the category ENERGYSAVING
The jury said:
Lillnord has succeded in reducing the lenght of the defrosting period in its long storage dough controller system with SupraCooler and HotGas and hence in minimizing the energy consumption. As a natural consequence the operational costs have been substantially reduced.

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