LILLNORD’s products are made with respect for the environment and for the generations to come
As a global provider, we are fully aware of our responsibility and do our utmost to use the correct materials. We also develop our products in a way to use as many sustainable materials as possible.
  • We use waterbased foam in our panels
  • Our process  facilites can be set to close to natural defrosting to save energy
  • Our Flexbaker-UV unit help reduce waste of food
  • Our software optimizes power consumption in the storage, defrosting and proving phase
  • All of our waste is separated properly
  • We use natural refrigerants where possible, such as CO2
  • We use CFC refrigerants with low GWP
  • Extra insulation if requested

Working environment
We strive on an ongoing basis to provide a healthy working climate to secure a long and safe working life of our colleagues. 
This policy extends to our suppliers – we would never accept and sub suppliers using low wage child labour.

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