MaryLine Retarder prover (-3°C/+45°C) Plug & Play unit for racks

Why invest in a LILLNORD MARYLINE unit?
The Maryline retarder prover unit is a product concept especially developed by LILLNORD for storing minor dough and danish pastry from day to day– without any loss of quality. The unit can also be used for thawing or proving larger dough pieces, coming in frozen or cooled down, enduring longer cooling periods. On the production side, this offers a new flexibility on a daily basis due to the time shift between dough making (during the day on day one) and baking off in the morning on the next day.
From a computer point of view, the SemiLine retarder prover is equipped like a TopLine freezer prover, which means we can guarantee the same optimal bread quality of a freezer prover for this retarder prover. It is however NOT possible to use it as a freezer prover unit for storing goods several days, as it does not provide the cooling technique of a freezer prover.

Standard description

  • TSC1902 computer control with colour touch screen
  • Compressor on the roof of the unit
  • Completely automatic internal LED lighting
  • Coated evaporators, prevents leakage and loss of refrigerant
  • 2mm or 3mm floor in stainless steel with fluted moulding and automatically adjustable floor heating
  • 60mm insulation (CFC-free)
  • 200 step automatic pulsatile air control in the thawing and proving phase
  • Complete Flexbaker dough system
  • User guide within the TSC1902 touch screen computer
  • Front, left and right side in stainless steel, remaining sides galvanized white painted panels
  • All walls inside completely in stainless steel
  • Sub ceiling with complete air wall system for correct air circulation and thawing
  • Bumper rails on all inside walls
  • Steam system with electromagnetic steam production incl. automatic cleaning and drain
  • PID control of steam and temperature in the air flow
  • Doors with thermo windows (thermo window OPTION)




Individually adapted options
LILLNORD has developed a wide range of options and accessories in liaison with its customers

  • FlexBaker, proved products, ready for baking off in 6-8 hours
  • Bumper rails in stainless steel or aluminium
  • External compressor
  • CO2 evaporator
  • and the list goes on


Room sizes

With its own on-site production, LILLNORD ensures your best possible utilisation of the space in your bakery

The Maryline product line is focused on minimising the unit as much as possible, without compromising with our technology. The Maryline product line is available in several different sizes and as prover, retarder prover and freezer prover

Our panels are constructed the sandwich way, increasing its ability to isolate and ensuring as much neutralisation of the surrounding temperature as possible and protecting the temperature inside the unit.

Front, left and right side as well as door(s) are in stainless steel leinen for all units. The exact robustness needed in a busy, modern bakery environment.


Type KR103-81R: OUtside D1030 x W810 x H2365mm / Inside D850 x W650 x H1830mm

Type KR118-81R: Outside D1180 x W810 x H2365mm / Inside D1000 x W650 x H1830mm

Type KR128-81R: Outside D1280 x W810 x H2365mm / Inside D1100 x W650 x H1830mm

Type KR103-87R: Outside D1030 x W870 x H2485mm / Inside D850 x W710 x H1950mm

Type KR118-87R: Outside D1180 x W870 x H2485mm / Inside D1000 x W710 x H1950mm

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