PG5000 Climator for industrial integration (+20°C/+45°C)

Why invest in a LILLNORD PG1000 unit?
THE solution for your exisiting prover
LILLNORDs climator, PG5000, from the PG product line is delivered as a plug&play unit to advantageously integrate in any existing prover, spiral or paternoster system. The unit provides the correct climate and air circulation with an automatic supply of steam and heat, matched with the manually preset values.
Optimal bread quality
The PG steam system produces steam electronically. The isolated provider of steam with adjustable steam capacity provides an accurate dosage of steam without any lingering steam, hence ensuring a homogeneous proving with the optimal bread quality.
Connection for shared control
A single PG5000 unit can be extended by connecting several units with a shared control to cover a prover range of 1 m2 to 200 m2 or even larger.
Plug&play unit
Plug&play unit – simply connect to water and power supply. Minimal installation without any comprehensive mounting.

Standard description
CLIMATOR type PG5000
PG5000 is an industrial climator to install in exisiting provers, spiral or paternoster systems. To mount inside the box with connection to water and power supply on-site.

Heat/ adjustable: +200 / +450 C
Humidity / adjustable: 60% / 95 % R.H.

More than 40 years of experience
Operation with electrodes / no heating elements
Fast steam production / no lingering steam
As a standard tested at our prodution site


Technical information kW Capacity
Voltage/ volt (as required)
kW PG5000 (1 unit) 1 x 9,00 As required
kW PG5001 (2 units) 2 x 9,00 As required
kW PG5002 (3 units) 3 x 9,00 As required
kW PG5003 (4 units) 4 x 9,00 As required

We offer tailor made solutions, so please contact us per phone, mail or through the link “request offer”


Individually adapted options
LILLNORD has developed a wide range of options and accessories in liaison with its customers

  • Automatic drain of steam container
  • Electrodes according to water type
  • Colour touch screen
  • Outside positioning of the PG1000 unit
  • and the list goes on


Room sizes


D290 x W820 x height max 8000mm. per unit

We offer a tailor-made solution. Please contact us per phone, mail or through this link “request offer”

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